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The Industry vs. Music, Pt. 4,196

The New Yorker‘s Sasha Frere-Jones writes succinctly about the sad story of Muxtape, the mixtape/playlist streaming site that has met the sort of fate you’d expect when someone thinks creatively […]

Voodoo Schedule Up Now

The schedule for this year’s Voodoo Music Experience (October 24-26, not the Halloween weekend as it has been in the past). You can find it here. The Voodoo Web site […]

Michael P. Smith

Photographer Michael P. Smith passed away last Wednesday [Note: it was Friday, not Wednesday]. It’s hard to overstate his importance as someone who documented and chronicled New Orleans’ music-related cultural […]

Banksy update

In the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about the Banksy pieces on display around town. See them while you can because they won’t be there forever. Another one has […]

The Power of Guitar Hero

In our September issue, we have a piece in Fresh on the Guitar Hero phenomenon. How big is it? Metallica released its new album, Death Magnetic, as a CD and […]

Earl Palmer obit round-up

I expect that we’ll start getting some good, meaty obituaries and appreciations for Earl Palmer coming in shortly–because of how close his passing came to our deadline, we have something […]

Picking Up the Spares

I just received the nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and frankly, I don’t know why I still pay attention. I feel like I’m in […]

Voodoo Preview

The Bingo! Parlour returns to the Voodoo Music Experience this year. At the Bingo! Show blog, Bingo members are posting short features on the bands that will perform in it. […]

More Banksy: Why See Them?

If you haven’t taken the Banksy driving tour yet, you’ve already missed a piece, but not to Fred Radke unless he has drastically changed his style. Someone spraypainted over the […]

Banksy Driving Tour

Doug MacCash’s story on the public/graffiti artist Banksy’s New Orleans works is now up at the Times-Picayune Web site and the locations of the pieces are in the paper and […]