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  During today’s Saints game, a friend observed, “Sean Peyton with Reggie Bush is like a guy who learned a 50-cent word and can’t stop using it.”

Christmas at Copeland’s

One year, a neighbor who decorated her house in white lights found the flashing, colored Christmas lights I’d strung on my iron security bars a bit much, and she wondered […]

Star Time

  [Updated December 5, below] Reading Dave Thompson’s I Hate New Music: the Classic Rock Manifesto, listening to the new Lil Wayne mixtape Dedication 3 and discovering that Ashlee Simpson […]

A Decade of New Order

Rhino recently reissued the first five New Order albums under the subtitle “The Factory Years,” and more than anything else, they confirm the suspicion that this was first and foremost […]

Checking Out the Prospects

Anecdotally, it sounds like Prospect.1, the biennial art festival that CAC curator Dan Cameron has brought to New Orleans, is a modest success. I don’t hear a lot of buzz […]

Theresa Andersson meets David Byrne

A few weeks back, Theresa Andersson texted me to say David Byrne had heard her album and asked her to sing on his new album. At the time, I sat […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Harry

In the upcoming issue, we take an obligatory look at new Christmas CDs. Sadly, Harry Connick, Jr.’s new What a Night! didn’t arrive in time to be included. The Cleveland […]

Borders’ Soft Opening

The new Borders bookstore Uptown at St. Charles and Louisiana officially opens Monday, but its soft opening is today at 1 p.m. [Update:] I almost wrote about how Borders might or […]

Why Silence?

Last night, Bill Ayers spoke on NPR’s Fresh Air. Earlier in the day, a lengthy interview with him ran at Salon.com. Both are fascinating, though there’s a lot of overlap […]

Defeat is Complicated

One thing covering music in one city tells you is that good music and bands fail to find audiences for a host of reasons that rarely have to do with […]