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Snooks’ Funeral

  I resisted writing about Snooks Eaglin’s funeral yesterday, wondering if it was tasteless to comment on it. But later in the day at the visitation for Antoinette K-Doe at […]

New Hot 8

  Brass bands have been notably absent for recording studios since Hurricane Katrina. Here’s a link to the new “Steamin’ Blues” by the Hot 8 Brass Band.

Voodoo for Halloween

  This year, the Voodoo Music Experience moves back to the Halloween weekend – October 30-November 1. No talent has been announced yet.

Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements

  Here’s an email from photographer Erika Goldring on Antoinette’s funeral arrangements: Friday Visitation at the Mother In Law Lounge (1500 N. Claiborne Ave) 2pm-7pm  Saturday  9-11am visitation at St. […]

Antoinette Stories

  Have a good Antoinette K-Doe story? If so, send it me at alexrawls@offbeat.com and we’ll share the best.

The Mayor as Critic?

  I’m not sure that the person who Twitters as MayorNagin actually is Mayor Nagin, but he reads like him. Today he offered his brief critique of Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal […]

Grossed Out

  There’s a lot in the race and class dynamics of Mardi Gras that are subtler than we realize – or maybe they aren’t at all and we simply look […]

Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin

  [UPDATE BELOW] Antoinette K-Doe passed away of a heart attack early Tuesday morning after finishing her Lundi Gras shift at the Mother-in-Law Lounge. Thankfully, we were able to present […]

So Sad

  I heard this morning that Antoinette K-Doe died of a heart attack last night. All my confirmations have been secondhand, but now the Mother-in-Law Lounge is my Mardi Gras […]

Best and Worst

  Best Mardi Gras dining experience: Name-your-own-cheese cheeseburger grilled at St James Cheese Company on Lundi Gras. A rich Roquefort melting on a medium rare burger is a special thing. […]