TribeCon: The e-Fires of Change

Tribecon 2009. Photo by Taylor Davidson.

Tribecon 2009. Photo by Taylor Davidson.


“TribeCon is about using social media tools and online communities to ignite offline change,” says co-founder Chris Schultz. It takes place on the Voodoo grounds at City Park October 28-29.

The Focus?

Creating Campfires, a metaphor meant to emphasize the potential of new media to create focal points around which people can gather and converse. “New Orleans is experiencing a renaissance in technology and digital media,” says Schultz. “With the advent of the digital media tax credit, we’ve got a lot of techies and software companies that are moving here.”

Who’s Talking?

Among others, “Micki Krimmel. She’s the CEO of a company called NeighborGoods. It’s an online e-community sharing site. You can load up onto the site your inventory of stuff that you’re willing to share with your neighbors. You can share your lawnmower.” Also, Ben Huh, the founder and CEO of the ‘I Can Has Cheezburger’ network of Web sites, which includes Lolcats and FAIL blog.

What’s New?

Since Voodoo—TribeCon’s host—is a music festival, it seemed wrong to leave out music. This year, Earl Scioneaux III—the Madd Wikkid—will perform music from his Electronola project.

Why New Orleans?

“We’re very social by nature; people sit on their porches and have conversations with their neighbors,” Schultz says. “That’s one of the things we retain down here in New Orleans that a lot of the rest of the country has moved away from.”

TribeCon will take place October 27-October 29 in the dance tent on the Voodoo grounds. Full schedule is at A special ticket package is available at a highly discounted rate that includes Voodoo Experience tickets, TribeCon passes, and a year’s subscription to OffBeat. You can get this special deal by clicking here or using the code OFFBEAT at checkout.