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Happening on Canal Street…Rebirth or Not?…and Merry Christmas!

I just got back from a tour of the Joy Theater on the corner of Canal and Loyola Streets. I’ve seen many a movie there, but the theater had gotten […]

‘Tis the Season: Reindeer Games, Porter and More

Christmas is only a week away, but the Christmas music keeps coming. Clint Maedgen and Helen Gillet have teamed up to record “Reindeer Games,” which you can hear and share […]

Police Horse Poppin’ on Bourbon Street: Video

Dip, baby, dip / slide and move your hips —Glen David Andrews, Lil’ Rascals Brass Band’s “Knock with Me, Rock with Me” The latest local video making the viral rounds […]

‘Tis the Season: Free from Texas and Seattle

[Updated] For those who prefer their Christmas music as nostalgia-free as is manageable, Austin’s Krayolas and the West Seattle music community are here to help. You can download the rock-oriented […]

Festival Season Kicks Off Early

One thing I can say about the sports impacting New Orleans: we have hosted more major sports events than any other city in the US.  That means tourist dollars. Even […]

Jazz Fest: On the Ledge

Quick response to this year’s Jazz Fest talent roll out: – It feels old to complain about the lack of contemporary jazz at Jazz Fest, but this year’s lineup looks […]

‘Tis the Season: Julian Koster and the Saw’s Song

One of the great recent additions to the library of Christmas music is Julian Koster‘s The Singing Saw at Christmastime. It’s hard to imagine that it’s the first album of […]

McBride Helps Royal Caribbean Come to New Orleans

For years, my wife and I have wondered if we’re cruise people or not. Could we relax into the rhythm of a few days with nothing that had to be […]

Prospect.2: I Love a Parade

I first saw work by artist Bruce Davenport, Jr. in 2008, when his diagram-like illustrations of marching bands had a strong, inexplicable quality to them. Done in colored markers, they […]

An Inventive Romeo and Juliet

The strength of the Nola Project‘s Shakespeare productions has been their homemade inventiveness. The company has used it wits and creativity to overcome budgetary restrictions, usually to effective results. In […]