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‘Tis the Season: Polyphonic Spree and Human

After Voodoo 2004, I started interviewing the Polyphonic Spree‘s Tim DeLaughter about one thing and ended up talking about Christmas music with him for an hour. The band plays a […]

A Good Idea?

I’ve been nagging for years to get busy and use music as a promotional tool for the city. Sometimes—especially in New Orleans—things take a lot of time to accomplish. Obviously, […]

Through the Checkpoint to the Information Cave

There was a lot to love in last night’s Saints win, but time for two non-game-related notes: – I’ve vented before about my irritation with the information blackout in the […]

Gleason Gras II?

“I’ll be here for Gleason Gras 2012,” Steve Gleason announced at the end of a cold, drizzling afternoon, and why wouldn’t he? He had spent the last hour at the […]

How Coco Robicheaux Turned Up in Dr. John’s “Splinters”

In 2008, writer/musician Ned Sublette interviewed the late Coco Robicheaux for Bomb Magazine. In it, he speculates on how Dr. John came to sing Coco’s name in “I Walk on […]

Happy Thanksgiving: A Big Freedia Animated GIF

Nothing says Thanksgiving like an animated GIF of Big Freedia and her dancers poppin in downtown New Orleans, taken from Freedia’s “Y’all Get Back Now” music video. Source: eatcasey.tumblr.com.

Thanks For All

We’ll be heading to the vast cultural wasteland—but a shopper’s and politician’s paradise—of Baton Rouge on Turkey Day to spend time with my siblings, their families and my mother. I’m […]

Armstrong Park, Sculpture Garden Open Again

“You will see the restored statue of Louis Armstrong, toe and all,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced today at a ribbon cutting ceremony to reopen Armstrong Park. The damaging of the […]

Voting and Anarchy

Maybe anarchy is the way to go. I heard this morning—and it’s all over the news—that our Congress’s approval rating has dropped to nine percent. Nine percent. That’s down from […]

David Simon Talks Food with Anthony Bourdain

Yesterday, the tell-tale trucks were parked on Elysian Fields telling us that Treme is back and shooting on Frenchmen Street. Later in the morning, a Steve Zahn sighting confirmed that. […]