Punk Lived in New Orleans

New Orleans punk poster: Sexdog and the Red Rockers at Jed's

UPDATED Local filmmaker Al Champagne is working on a documentary on the local punk scene during the ‘70s and ‘80s. “What I hope to accomplish with this is an awareness that a punk scene actually existed here in New Orleans,” Champagne says. “I think this will be interesting to not only locals, but also those who live anywhere and really love punk music.”

In conjunction with Champagne’s efforts, Jimmy Anselmo—former owner of Jimmy’s Music Club—has organized a free reunion show of New Orleans punk and new wave bands that will take place at Southport Hall December 28. “Through my research, I was able to realize that the reason a punk scene exists today in New Orleans is because of bands that were formed and played music during the ‘70s and ‘80s,” says Champagne. “Basically, what was around in terms of rock music before then was just cover bands. They were the only ones who would play rock music in the city because those were the only bands the clubs would book. No original material. They apparently drew more of a crowd. When Jimmy opened his club, he let people with original music play and the scene just took off from there.”

At the reunion show, Champagne will be filming the event and interviewing attendees and musicians about the punk and new wave scene. The line up includes ‘70s and ‘80s New Orleans bands the Models, Sexdog, Broken Heart Pharaohs, and the Ditty along with special guests.

“I’d like to have the chance to tell this story before it’s forgotten because a lot of these bands are great and deserve to be heard, even if it’s 40 years later,” Champagne says.

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Update 12/1/11, 2:45 p.m.: The reunion show will take place Wednesday, December 28, not the 29th as originally reported. More info here.