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Most of My Favorite Local Records of 2012

Reading the lists and catching some flak made me itch to put my own preferences down. What follows is necessarily incomplete because I can’t even pretend to listen to everything […]

Keep Those Bullets From Flying (Into Your Head)

This is our last Weekly Beat missive for 2012, and it’s certainly been a wild year. The year 2012 marked OffBeat‘s 25th anniversary, which was the first time yours truly […]

Dirt, Dust and Trees Celebrates Author Ernest Gaines

Updated: 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 27 To celebrate the first public performance of Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s Dirt, Dust and Trees — A Tribute to Literary […]

Treme Episode 9: Musicians Seal the Deals

Most of the musicians on Treme play themselves. Others are given small acting roles, and a very few are actually both musicians and actors playing out storylines that overlap with […]

A Lonely Lonely Knight Departed: Remembering Jon Rans

Jon Rans, drummer for Lonely Lonely Knights, is gone. I met Jon at a Lonely Lonely Knights gig early this year. He came up to me and gave me a […]

Treme Recap: Get No Kick Out Of That Modern Jazz

Treme does such a wonderful job representing New Orleans music I find it odd when the music story line hits a clam, but there were bum notes all through last […]

Frankenstorm and the Noise Police

I passed the last few days listening cynically to the warning stories of the coming “Frankenstorm” in the northeast.  Joseph tends to be a little more cynical than me; he […]

Voodoo in Review

As the cleanup of City Park no doubt continues this brisk fall day, one word comes to mind about the just-wrapped Voodoo Music Experience 2012. Meh. Sure, there were high […]

Review: Nas at Voodoo

At 6 p.m. Sunday, October 28, Nas takes the Le Ritual stage with his band, Z. The Queens MC opens with “No Introduction” off the new album, Life is Good. Stunning […]

Voodoo and Treme: We Do What We Need To

Black night is falling. The stars are incredibly close. Jack White is mining the past to an adoring crowd in City Park. The Saints are being crushed in Denver. I’m […]