Pun-Rock Band, Camper Van Beethoven Shares Unreleased Track (Free Download)


What would indie rock be without bands like the multi-cultural wiseasses Camper Van Beethoven?  ‘80s college rock would’ve been less fun without “Eye of Fatima” and Take the Skinheads Bowling,” and the band’s been up to its old cerebral tricks since reuniting last decade. Because Camper just played at South by Southwest—and more to the point, because we like ‘em—we have a freebie/rarity for you:

Snag the unreleased demo version of “Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out,” from their new album La Costa Perdida as a free download here now. Their second album since the reunion, La Costa Perdida is Camper’s homage to ‘70s Southern California rock—you know, like that Rumours band who’s playing Jazz Fest—and  is as deliciously weird as anything they did in the ‘80s.