Photos: Jazz Fest Bible Cover Artist Meets with Rebirth Brass Band

Artist Tami Curtis-Ellis met with members of the Rebirth Brass Band in the OffBeat offices today before Rebirth took the stage at the Louisiana Music Factory to get the band […]

Big 6 Brass Band releases self-titled debut album,’Big Six’

Big 6 Brass Band, the New Orleans group known for covering hit songs like SZA’s “The Weekend” and bringing high-energy performances to every second line, released a first full-length album, Big […]

Hot 8, Stooges, TBC & more set for NOLA Brass Festival

In what is arguably one of the most quintessentially New Orleans music events, the New Orleans Original Brass Festival returns March 16 to celebrate and support the city’s brass band […]

Rebirth Brass Band leader Phil Frazier facing severe health issues

A fund has been launched by the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic in support of Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band’s leader and tuba player, Phil Frazier. Frazier has reportedly suffered a second […]

Derrick Freeman and James Martin are shaping the soul of future brass band music

“The Levels” is the newest song in Soul Brass Band’s repertoire. Written by the band’s founder, Derrick “Smoker” Freeman, it’s a harbinger of his plans for a new album. “It’ll […]

Preservation Propagation: Preservation Hall Jazz Band has left the museum behind

If there’s one thing you don’t expect to see at Preservation Hall, it’s David Bowie—hundreds of David Bowies in fact, in every incarnation from Ziggy Stardust on up to Lazarus. […]

Rejoice! 20 Years of the Panorama Jazz Band

On July 4, 1985 Ben Schenck experienced the moment that would change his life. The 22-year-old music student went to the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. for the Smithsonian Folkways […]

New Orleans Suspects are the Oldest New Band

For those not hip to Greek mythology, the Ouroboros is a serpent that swallows its own tail, an emblem of infinity and the circularity of life. This struck the New […]

Rebirth Brass Band, Move Your Body (Basin Street Records)

Can a band be sophisticated and funky? The Rebirth Brass Band says, “Yes it can!” on its new release, Move Your Body. Actually, the ensemble has been preaching that point […]

The Life of Rebirth Brass Band

The Rebirth Brass Band is one of the great musical institutions in New Orleans history; the group best defines the transition between traditional and contemporary brass bands. Rebirth is about […]