A Basic Question Answered

Why do some bands get attention and others don’t? One of the simplest things those who feel shunned can do is have a print quality photo (a jpg that’s 300 dpi and shot by at least a semi-pro) that can be easily found online. I’ve now tried and failed to find usable art for four local bands playing Foburg, meaning that four bands had a shot at getting their photo in the pages but won’t get whatever pop accompanies being the face of Foburg. Since I haven’t found a photo yet, the shunned count could go higher.

This isn’t an indie rock problem caused by people too cool to do the basics. I go truly ballistic when when working on the French Quarter Fest issue trying to find photos of artists who don’t appear in the pages as often and come up empty time and time again.

It’s simple; if you want print to do anything more than review your album, make sure you have a print-quality photo.