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Issue Articles — Bluesworthy

Better Weather

It wasn’t really that long ago that Eric Lindell was doing scattered gigs at the Old Point Bar near his house in Algiers and playing every Monday night at the […]

Remembering Big Daddy

You couldn’t park on the same block as the Notre Dame Catholic Church that bright Wednesday morning. Summer had settled into St. Martinville, but the Louisiana heat didn’t stop people […]

No Borders for Vasti

“I don’t smoke crack, I don’t get high, I ain’t into sports. Music is what I do. The core of it is what I got from my grandmother and my […]

Spirit in the Steel

“Our music and sacred steel music has always been about the congregation, and right now the congregation is starting to be the world.” These are the words of Chuck Campbell, […]

Bluesworthy: Bluesmasters

Screams of excitement cut through the tightly packed bar, but the voice emanating from the speakers is deep and relaxed. It’s a packed night at the Funky Pirate and the […]

The World’s Oldest Teenager Dies

Legendary Memphis singer Rufus Thomas, who died this past December 15th at the age of 84, was the originator of the Funky Chicken, the World’s Oldest Teenager, and the Crown […]