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The Iceman Special: Cross-Generational Collaboration And Family Ties

On a recent Sunday night at House of Blues, good vibrations radiated through the room, even though the evening’s headlining act, Arizona jam band Spafford, had yet to take the […]

Supreme Green Fairy: Tank and the Bangas reign over Krewe Bohème

Tarriona “Tank” Ball made a list of the great things Tank and the Bangas experienced in 2019. It’s a long list: a Grammy Award nomination for best new artist; performing […]

Adonis Rose and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Swing Back onto the Scene

“We’re the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra; we live in New Orleans,” declares drummer Adonis Rose, who in 2016 took over the position of artistic director of the ensemble affectionately called […]

Resistance & Existence: Brandan “Bmike” Odums’ Truth-telling Activism

“New Orleans is a place where you can just fall into art,” says Brandan “Bmike” Odums. “You can find it anywhere, without a cost of admission.” We’re sitting in his […]

Ain’t No Limitations: The Soul Rebels pave the roads and knock down the doors

An object in motion stays in motion. For the Soul Rebels, that’s been an unspoken mantra since the band formed in 1991. Borne from the wellspring of traditional brass and […]

Raj Smoove, the greatest DJ in the world, takes on the New Orleans music industry

Raj Smoove has never had a “real job.” No summers mowing lawns, no part-time gig stocking shelves over the holidays, no late-night restaurant shifts in the French Quarter. At age […]

For Doreen Ketchens, the clarinet was her beacon and her way of life

“God gave us the streets—it’s a true blessing,” praises clarinetist and vocalist Doreen Ketchens. “We can play what we want, we can control who comes into the band and who goes […]

Relentless Dreamers: Water Seed’s quest to excel

Monday is Water Seed rehearsal day at Lou Hill’s house—every Monday at 11:30 a.m. The strictly observed regimen is just one example of the New Orleans funk-pop band’s quest to […]

Tales of LAND & SEA: You’re in good hands with Anders Osborne

Buddha and the Blues is not just an album title. It’s a road map that charts the difficult path Anders Osborne has negotiated since his arrival in New Orleans more than 30 […]

Girls Night Out: Valerie Sassyfras Has Nothing To Lose

For three consecutive days in April 2018, Ellen DeGeneres—the internationally famous TV talkshow host from Metairie—broadcast a video clip of New Orleans musician, Valerie Sassyfras. “So, there’s this video I […]