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Chef Alon Shaya just might be building an empire based on treating people right

When Chef Alon Shaya was fired from his namesake restaurant Shaya last fall by the Besh Restaurant Group, now renamed BRG Hospitality, it was only a few weeks before news […]

We’re Comin’ for Ya!: Cha Wa creates a mashup of Mardi Gras Indian chants and brassy horn

When a Mardi Gras Indian striding down a New Orleans street yells, “Cha wa!” he’s warning nearby Mardi Gras Indian gangs, “We’re comin’ for ya!” It stands as a signal […]

Fats Domino, The Quintessential New Orleanian

The Once and Future King Fats Domino passed last October, but he remains an animate force in New Orleans life through his music. Domino’s spirit is not just the sound […]

Masterful And Exuberant: Tuba Skinny electrifies the streets

It’s just after noon on a sunny day in early March. At the corner of Toulouse and Royal Streets tourists mill about. They pause to look in the antique shop […]

Second to None: Dancing Man 504 leads the way

An eight-year-old boy fell in love with movement near the intersection of Orleans and Claiborne, where he watched Mardi Gras Indians parade by, chanting the stories of generations. The little […]

That Kalenda Thing: The Lost Bayou Ramblers’ Voyage

Nearly 20 years into Lost Bayou Ramblers’ career, the band can claim famous fans and Grammy nominations. The Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano and the Pogues’ Spider Stacy jumped at the […]

Lifetime Achievement in Music: The Poet Laureate of Mardi Gras Indians, Monk Boudreaux

Monk Boudreaux was born to be a Mardi Gras Indian. It is not a career, a craft or a profession, though one needs to go through an apprenticeship to become […]

Hot Like the Sun: The Revivalists celebrate at home

When do you know that your band is really making it? When strangers at the airport start pointing you out? When half the radio stations in the country seem to […]

Towards the Sun: Pell plants the seeds for New Orleans’ hip-hop resurgence.

Since emerging out of its primordial ooze in Congo Square, American music of the African diaspora has thrived to such a degree that hip-hop is arguably the world’s dominant culture. […]

A Musical Menagerie: Jimmy Horn’s Tales of King James & the Special Men

Jimmy Horn is the kind of character you only find in New Orleans. America used to turn them out everywhere, but the country has been culturally homogenized to the point […]