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Issue Articles — Dining Out

Dining Out: Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria

Everyone has a handful of go-to restaurants they count on for consistently delicious dining experiences. Felipe’s makes the cut for most every food lover I know. Why? Because Felipe’s delivers […]

Dining Out: True Food Kitchen

Locals don’t have to go too far back in time to remember just how challenging it was to find restaurants that offered a variety of healthy options, let alone cater […]

The Elysian Bar

After a four-year, $20 million rehabilitation project, ASH NYC and New Orleans resident Nathalie Jordi transformed the 19th century St. Peter & Paul compound in the Faubourg Marigny—consisting of a […]

Dining Out: Banana Blossom

Banana Blossom opened at its original location in an unassuming strip mall in Gretna a decade ago. It quickly became a word-of-mouth destination dining hot spot for some of the […]

Dining Out: Brigtsen’s

The culinary experience at Brigtsen’s is living testament to the late great Chef Paul Prudhomme’s profound legacy. Chef Frank Brigtsen was an integral part of Prudhomme’s revolutionary, game-changing impact on […]

Dining Out: Palm&Pine

At the open kitchen counter at Palm&Pine, sauté pans and sizzle plates sway to a rhythmic flow as chefs Amarys and Jordan Herdon reveal their story through touch and taste—where […]

Dining Al Fresco in New Orleans: from wine bars to tapas and more

Enjoying outdoor dining in New Orleans.   In a region named in honor of the Sun King of France, it’s no surprise that locals love every opportunity to enjoy their […]

Dining Out: Chef Sue Zemanick returns with Zasu

In the past two years, in spite of the sense of excitement and energy the New Orleans restaurant scene has been enjoying, something’s been missing—namely, chef Sue Zemanick’s extraordinary cuisine. […]

Molly’s Rise and Shine

When Turkey and the Wolf opened, a couple years back and too far riverside of the Lower Garden District strip, reasonable minds had doubts. You’re going to ask someone hungry […]

Dining Out: Justine

In one of the most stunning transformations in recent memory, the 200 block of Chartres Street in the French Quarter has gone from being a gloomy ghost town of shuttered […]