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Issue Articles — Dining Out

Raw and Order

Elvis wields a knife in Fat City. It’s true; I’ve seen it. And in the process he is slicing, paring and filleting his way to a reputation as one of […]

A Fetish For Father

June 15 is Father’s Day and if your dad is as hip as mine was (escorting me to the Playboy Club on my 18th birthday), a couple of local events […]

You NEED This

If you’re reading this right NOW, I hope you may have picked it up at the Second Annual Satchmo SummerFest. It’s a great idea for a festival, and it’s slated […]

Swiss Orleans

Everybody loves this kind of music,” says Karl-Heinz Ern. Of course he is speaking of jazz played in the traditional New Orleans manner. Ern is the producer of New Orleans […]

Africa Comes Calling

Do not miss what is likely to be one of the shows of the year, Africa Fete ’99, when it rolls into town for an engagement at the House of […]

Beer Cuisine

Now, all of my loyal readers know that I have a certain affinity for brew pubs. That affinity has developed over the past few years, during which time I have […]

Mojo Music Festival, Cutting Edge, Jean Knight and Mr. Big Shot, STR Music Search, Blues & Zydeco, Festivals Galore

The End’s 1st Annual Mojo Music Festival will be held in City Park’s Marconi Meadows on September 28. Among the scheduled acts are: Better Than Ezra, Cowboy Mouth, Candlebox, Reel […]

The Annual Mardi Gras vs. Jazz Fest Debate; A Quick Overview of Jazz Fest Web Sites; Bingemen, Paula & the Pontiacs Pages

Mardi Gras is over, which means it’s time to plan for Jazz Fest. Internet users around the world already are. Dozens of posts to the music discussion Usenet newsgroups asking […]

Street Talk with Tootie Montana

When Allison “Tootie” Montana sits down in his kitchen at the end of a day, it’s not long before geometric patterns start to dance around his head. He sketches these […]

The Search for Caribbean Dining: Margaritaville and Palmer’s

Though often considered the northern-most city of the Caribbean, New Orleans lacks in its offerings of traditional island fare. While there are several Cuban restaurants in town, we are somewhat […]