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In the myth of Narcissus, the vain son of Endymion and Selene rejects the advances of the nymph Echo, who sets a curse upon him. He becomes ensnared by his […]

Roll Your Own

Roller Girls or C.I.A. operatives? Despite my wealth of journalistic credentials, there are still times that even I, Michael Jastroch, Associate Editor of OffBeat Magazine, the man who interviewed Meshell […]

Good Times/Bad Times

On February 5th of this year, vocalist/bassist/guitarist Erik Corveaux, front man and songwriter for New Orleans rock ‘n’ roll outfit the Bad Off, got, in his words, “creamed” by a […]

The Big Con

“The real danger of [sound engineering] is that it just becomes focused on the equipment and the gear. It’s like having a songwriters’ conference and only talking about pianos and […]

Marble Cake

“After putting out music and having your band fall apart, there’s something to be said for going somewhere different and starting over,” begins Dave Fera, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for […]

You Make It Sound So Bad

“A drunk woman was giving [drummer Andy Harris] a bath when I first met him,” says Joshua Glass, guitarist and vocalist for three piece post-rock outfit the Interlopers. “I asked […]

Haunting Hunter

"We were playing at the Circle Bar in early January, and the bartender came up and told me that Hunter S. Thompson was in the audience and that I should […]

A Rosebud Is A Rosebud Is A Rosebud

Just down the street from Baby Rosebud accorganist Courtney Lain’s place of employment, there is a movie filming about the corporate takeover of a small mom and pop cereal store […]

The Sound of Silence

“I see a lot of bands who play this kind of music get frustrated and leave New Orleans. I love this city, and I don’t plan on moving,” says Micah […]