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Rounder Records: Louisiana Sounds

Amidst the cavalcade of corporate clones that typify the record business, Rounder Records has carved a distinctive niche as a unique, diverse and successful independent outfit. Rounder’s rich catalog includes […]

Pete Fountain: Home Boy

Pete Fountain is, to many, the quintessential New Orleans jazz musician. He personifies the funky, spunky spirit of the city and struts it best during his “Half-Fast” stroll on Carnival […]

Mardi Gras Zulu-ology

“Zulu is coming!” Few words create the magic and excitement that cry does on Mardi Gras day. Carnival is all about fun, and the Zulus have been creating some of […]

Kerry Boutte: Cajun King of Mulate’s

Kerry Boutte is a most unlikely-looking Cajun. He looks like a refugee from L.A. with his ponytail and hipster threads. His restaurants and his apartment are adorned with avant garde […]

Ear to the Ground: The Return of Fred LeBlanc and Cowboy Mouth

1981. A maniacal musical force is introduced to New Orleans in the form of 17-year-old drummer Fred LeBlanc. Guitarist Paul Sanchez recalls LeBlanc’s audition with the Backbeats: “Fred was like […]

Art: Robert Cary Tannen REPROspective

Robert Tannen is a hard guy to get a read on, at least in terms of most people’s expectations. A sculptor, architect and urban transportation planner, he purposely takes an […]

Celebration of Light: Christmas in the Oaks

New Orleans has always been a city that’s intoxicated with glitter and pageantry, particularly during the holidays. Adorned with over 700,000 lights, the historic oaks of City Park keep up […]

Lakefront Remembrance

As anyone who’s grown up in New Orleans knows, Lake Pontchartrain had a major impact on our lives…we swam there, we fished there, we picnicked on its shores, we spent […]

Local Color: Record Ron

Just about anyone who’s a fan of New Orleans music knows where to locate hard-to-find albums by the Nevilles or Irma Thomas or the Meters. For die-hard fans, a must-stop […]

Branford Marsalis Speaks His Mind, Part Two

Branford Marsalis makes no bones about anything. A self-proclaimed jazz stylist, he creates a musical message that is very much his own. The way he handles his horn speaks volumes […]