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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

Matt Ray and Sonali Fernando at Ace Hotel

Matt Ray (MR): “We wanted to create a cocktail that would honor the spirit of Three Keys, our bar and performance venue.” Sonali Fernando (SF): “The venue is named after […]

Denzel Brown at Longway Tavern

“Naughty Professor embodies that serious funk groove and all around good-time music that I love. When I went to school at Loyola I started hearing about their music and fell […]

Scott Hicks at 21st Amendment

“I came here from Miami. I’m a Florida boy, born in New York, lived all over Florida. I’ve been in hospitality for almost 20 years now. Started working at Subway […]

Devon Hall at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

“Harry Choates played the music I grew up with—Cajun music that my grandfather used to play for me, when I was a really little girl. I’m from Biloxi, but grew […]

Maggie Morgan at Manolito

“I picked Jarboe, a musician who’d sing with Swans and Neurosis in the ’80s, but also does a lot of experimental rock and has released like 11 albums, still under […]

Margot Denman at N7

“I made a cocktail for Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington because when I first moved to New Orleans I got a job at Boucherie uptown and one of my regulars was Hank […]

In The Spirit with Crystal Pavlas at Bywater American Bistro

“I picked Louis Prima to be my inspiration for this cocktail because I think he represents New Orleans and a lot of the Italian influences on our cuisine and on […]

In the Spirit with Bryson Downham at Toups South

“The artist I made this drink for is Kaye the Beast. He’s a local rapper in the up-and-coming phase, but I’ve seen him a few times around town and he’s […]

In the Spirit with Missy Cross at St. Cecilia

“For this cocktail, I start by pouring a double shot of espresso over ice before adding the other ingredients. Then I’m ready to shake it up. Because this is a […]

In The Spirit: Marsh Prudhomme/Gabrielle

“My grandmother in Lafayette makes a lot of cherry bounce and it’s super strong. She’s very old school except that she also teaches yoga, pilates and zumba [laughs]. She’s a […]