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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

Chris McMillian at Revel

“I’ve always looked for music for the bars I’ve worked in. Stumbled across Nellie Lutcher and she was one of the first black crossover artists in the 1940s—on Capitol Records […]

Darrin Ylisto at Sylvain

“I picked Ryan [Scully] for this cocktail because when I moved to New Orleans in 2003, I lived Uptown and he was friends with people that I became friends with, […]

Anna Mangiardi at Cosimo’s

This is the 32nd installment in our cocktail series In the Spirit, featuring local bartenders who create drinks in honor of Louisiana musicians. This month, we put fancy mixology aside […]

Ashley Danella at Coquette & Meriam Benezra at Avenue Pub

“The cool thing about James Booker is that he mixed lowbrow and highbrow so well,” says Meriam Benezra (MB). “He was an amazingly talented piano genius, but he threw in […]

Jonathan Shock at Loa

“I spent some time thinking about the musician I wanted to do this for, and my first inclination—which is always your best one—was Trombone Shorty. He was my first exposure […]

Lu Brow at Brennan’s

“June Yamagishi is an amazing guitarist and performer and somebody I’ve enjoyed seeing so many times—his presence and his energy is really something to behold. I do [have an affinity […]

Bazil Zerinsky at El Libre

I started with the name of the drink and worked backwards from there. There are so many great New Orleans musicians, but a lot of my favorites have passed on, […]

Ricky Gomez at Compère Lapin

It’s tough being the person who’s always engaging, so giving the guest a way to engage you makes for more give and take. We choose to serve, but if you […]

Peter-John Hanne at Feelings Café

“I picked Nicky Da B for this drink. He passed a year ago, so his passing is fresh on my mind. Plus, I always liked bounce music. ‘Express Yourself’ is […]

Christopher Brian / Meauxbar

“I was originally doing this with blue basil, but it went out of season. I really want to do farm-to-shaker cocktails, and I figured the peppery notes of the sage […]