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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

In the Spirit with Carlos Quinonez at Coquette

“If someone asks me for something special, this is what I make for them. It’s basically a weird take on a Negroni. Both of these spirits are from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. […]

In the Spirit with Sam Perez/Piscobar (at the Catahoula Hotel)

“I picked Irma Thomas for a lot of reasons. Sentimental value, I guess. Almost 10 years ago—I grew up in Slidell—Irma Thomas was maybe the first New Orleans artist I […]

In the Spirit: William Evans at Maypop

“Hot 8 Brass Band, I love that they do the cover for ‘Sexual Healing,’ which was one of my favorites growing up. Honestly, it’s the second line drums, the brass, […]

In the Spirit: Jeff Schwartz at Bakery Bar

“I worked at Twelve Mile Limit and Coquette, and this is a very different clientele [here at Bakery Bar]. We get a lot of women between 30 and 50. We’re […]

In the Spirit: John Slavich at Effervescence

“Right after Hurricane Katrina, I worked at the Copeland’s on the Westbank. This was right after Fats had lost his house in the Ninth Ward and he came in one […]

In the Spirit: Norton Christopher at Sac-a-Lait

“I picked Wayne Toups, Louisiana native and one of the only zydeco musicians to ever win a Grammy. We’ve done several events with him, and he’s a real big Caymus [Cabernet […]

In the Spirit: Wyatt Lowrey of Vessel

“Vessel opened with three key components—proper glassware, a focus on community and a coastal theme. We have 28 different kinds of glasses because glassware is important; you should drink from […]

In the Spirit: Ashleigh Ruedinger at DTB

“I just moved here from Florida three months ago. Worked as a beverage director and bar manager down at a little place in Delray Beach called Max’s Harvest. Delray is about […]

Emma Jane Kulowski at Paladar

“I love Kermit—a lot. He’s one of my top five people. He embodies everything I love about New Orleans—fun, good times. He’s a really sweet guy and I love hanging […]

Leora Pearl Madden at Pearl

“I grew up here but spent seven years in California and got spoiled with great wine bars and retailers, so that’s why I opened Pearl. We just had our four-year […]