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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

In the Spirit with Max Messier at Bar Tonique

“I’ve been in the service industry my whole life. Managed comedy clubs, nightclubs, and my dad managed nightclubs. I remember playing bar at my grandparents’ house in California, making up […]

In the Spirit: Nick Detrich of Cane and Table

“This is for Lil’ Doogie Fontaine, the Westbank puppet rapper. Rami [Sharkey], who does Lil’ Doogie, is a friend, and he actually did Cane & Table’s website too, but anyway, […]

In the Spirit: Paul Gustings of Empire Bar

“I don’t know how long I’ve been tending bar. Probably 35 years. I’ve been here at the Empire Bar for two years. And … [suspense face] … I’m still here! […]

In the Spirit: Julia McElroy of Grand Isle

“I’ve only lived in New Orleans for a year. I love it here. I had never even heard of St. Germain [elderflower liqueur] before I came. I’m from up north, […]

In the Spirit: Mark Schettler of Purloo

I was in Chicago and making not the most honest living, and when that well dried up I needed some way to pay for art supplies and crap, rent and […]

In the Spirit: Alana Moran of Araña Taqueria y Cantina

I started bartending by chance because a bartender didn’t show up for work the first day I was working as a server here. Now I’m a full-time bartender. Armand [Gonzales], […]

In the Spirit: Lynn Burgett at Ten Eleven

I went to school for chemical engineering, working for a prototyping company, and my boss was also a rep for a local vineyard, so when I told him I wanted […]

In the Spirit: Christopher Starnes of Marigny Brasserie

I have a drink that I created that became Debbie Davis’ favorite drink, which then turned her onto gin, while she was never a gin-drinker before. I only make this […]

In the Spirit: Tyler Chauvin of Treo

I started bartending 12 years ago at Café Banquette. I was 18 and  started as a shot girl. That was the heyday, packed with people wall to wall and they […]

In the Spirit With Chris Benton of Le Foret

“I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for the last 15 years. I kind of fibbed my way into my first bartending job, pretending I had a little more experience than […]