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Lighten Up on In-Store Performances

Okay, before you even start to read, I’m warning you: this is one of my rant columns. As many of our regular readers know, there’s been a growing problem in […]

Mojo Memories of Fest ’98 & LMNOP

It’s done. Gone. Jazz Fest 1998 is a memory. As I once again surrender to the miasma of heat that means another summer is here, I always reflect on the […]

Welcome to Jazz Festers, LMNOP, “FotoFest” at the CAC & OffBeat Music Krewe Rolls

This magazine requires a lot of hard work but it’s still the most gratifying job I’ve ever had. It allows me to work with New Orleans music and musicians, whom […]

No More New Orleans Jazz Fest? Musicians Get Free Healthcare. LMNOP=SXSW Squared? Bunny Breaks Out. Zydeco Cruisin’

What would your musical life be without the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival? You may soon find out — for the first time, the Jazz and Heritage Foundation board, […]

Information is Power

Ever wonder why things take so long to happen in New Orleans? Here’s a little story for you: Back in 1987, I had a job with a local marketing consulting […]