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Cafe Henri

The opening of Cafe Henri signaled a change of pace for owners Neal Bodenheimer, Kirk Estopinal and Nick Detrich, the trio best known for their ambitious beverage programs at Cure […]

Bao & Noodle

When Sound Café closed in the summer of 2014, Marigny residents collectively sighed over the loss of their beloved coffee shop and book store–cum–community center. The period of mourning was […]

To the Bitter End

Chicory coffee runs in high doses through the bloodstreams of south Louisiana, and has for generations. Chicory may be considered a roadside weed in most places, but in New Orleans […]

The New Expressionism

What is she doing in there? A woman in her early twenties, brown hair, sitting in a parked car at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, with circular […]

McClure’s Barbecue

My first visit to NOLA Brewing was in early 2010 for an impromptu brewery tour of what consisted of little more than a warehouse with two fermentation tanks and a […]

Raw Deals

Slurp your way through happy hour with these dozen dozens for $12 or less, on most days of the week. Blind Pelican (Lower Garden District) 1628 St. Charles Ave.; (504) […]

Beyond the Gulf

When a couple of oyster lovers walked into Seaworthy, the new sustainable seafood restaurant and oyster bar in the CBD, recently and ordered some raw bivalves from the East Coast, […]

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls

Now widely believed to be extinct, the imperial woodpecker was once the largest woodpecker on the planet. It’s a mystery as to exactly how that bit of ornithological history inspired […]

Ideal Supermarket

The immediate influx of Latin American workers after Hurricane Katrina has had and will continue to have an indelible impact on New Orleans culture. Similar to the African and Caribbean […]

Bar Stories: Local musicians report from the drinking front

New Orleans musicians, on average, spend lots of time in bars, both playing and drinking. Here, OffBeat serves up a dozen stories, shaken and stirred.   Salvatore Geloso, singer-songwriter/guitarist and […]