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Dining Out: Brennan’s Restaurant – Michael Dominici Reviews

The New Orleans restaurant scene has experienced a spectacular rebirth in the last decade across the board, especially at the high-end grand-scale side of that spectrum with R’evolution, Couvant, Cavan, […]

Restaurant Review: Saba

Chef Alon Shaya made his mark in New Orleans by elevating regionally inspired Italian cuisine with Domenica and Pizza Domenica, then again, with Shaya, inspired by the exotic flavors of […]

A Dream and Hard Work: Saint-Germain gets back to the basics

An unassuming double shotgun sits on a busy stretch of Saint Claude Avenue, between Montegut and Clouet, alongside Red’s Chinese and Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s Spellcaster Lodge. Its last occupant […]

Restaurant Review: Jack Rose

New Orleanians are super-survivors when it concerns man-made disasters, and it was no different for Emery Whalen and Chef Brian Landry. They ran Our House Hospitality, an arm of the […]

Rosedale Restaurant: Review

New Orleans is an incredibly serendipitous town, and the idea of Rosedale Restaurant came about when Chef Susan Spicer (Bayona, Mondo) happened upon a curious, interesting property—a former Lakeview police […]

The Dish: Chef Kelly Fields on Willa Jean’s BBQ Shrimp Toast

Which dish on your Willa Jean menu says the most about you? Our BBQ Shrimp Toast. Why is that? We all come from fine dining here, so we’re used to […]

Dining Out: Restaurant R’evolution

With so many new restaurants opening up all the time all over New Orleans, a first visit anywhere can be accompanied by a mélange of excitement and anxiety. Ambitious endeavors […]


It’s a sugar cube! It’s a garage! It’s a … sushi bunker? The exterior of the building that’s housed the Japanese restaurant Mikimoto on Carrollton Avenue for the last 19 […]

Chef R.J. Tsarov’s Thai Moules et Frites at the Delachaise

So glad these are still on the menu, even after you left! How did you come up with the recipe? “About 4-5 years ago, I wanted to do a Thai […]

Café Abyssinia

It’s common knowledge that anything marked with a neon highlighter deserves attention, and this is true for the low-slung building just off Magazine Street (a literal gravel throw behind Imperial […]