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Photo Op: Epaul Julien and Elizabeth Kleinveld’s Ode to Manet

“Edouard Manet’s early work Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (1863) caused great upheaval. Not because the woman was naked, but because she was shown with two men who were fully clothed. […]

Photo Op: Eric Waters Snaps Squirk at the Second Line

I have documented New Orleans culture in all its forms for 35 years. Having been mentored by Marion Porter, the great New Orleans photojournalist, I learned to appreciate the rhythm […]

Photo Op:
Cloudy with a Chance of Jazz Fest
Golden Richard III

My primary goal in music photography is to capture as much of the energy of live performances as possible—it sounds a bit corny, but I really mean it. While shooting […]

Sean Yseult’s Mississippi Mermaids

When I was very little, my father used to sail us out to remote islands off of North Carolina to picnic and collect treasures. These treasures would range from fresh […]

Scott Saltzman Captures Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown in His Twilight

I have been creating imagery examining performance for over 30 years. One of my early mentors once explained to me that it was my job to go beyond the obvious […]

Andrea Garland Snaps the Voodoo Music Experience’s Bewildering Beauty

Every photograph is a snapshot, an individual moment in time. Rarely can it capture the entirety of an experience. Thus, I am fascinated with the medium of collage — combining […]

Curtis Knapp Captures the Unnaturals’ Kevin Bowles’ Sharp Edges

We could call this image a rock-a-billy food photograph, if you need a label. I rarely use props, so this was fun and new for me. In the past, I’ve […]

Skrillex Drops Beats, Makes Waves at Hangout

  Photographer: MICHAEL KANDEL Thousands of dubstep enthusiasts packed the Xbox Live stage at Hangout Fest, eagerly awaiting Skrillex, arguably the king of bass, to take the stage. The sweltering […]

The Event of the Summer

  Photographer: Josh Brasted   This photo was shot at Jean-Eric frontman Frank Jones‘ birthday party last year at Studio 3, a Mid-City warehouse for building floats as well as […]

Kenneth Terry at the Candlelight Lounge

  Photographer: Willow Haley   When the music started at the Candlelight Lounge, the token sliver of space between the Tremé Brass Band and and its exuberant audience dissolved within […]