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Issue Articles — The Spot

Kelcy Mae hits the Spot

What brings you to Parkway? I often come here right before a trip or a tour, because you can’t get a good fried catfish po-boy anywhere else. Why catfish in […]

Alex McMurray hits the Spot

This isn’t your first time at Pizza D? Not at all. I live two blocks away and I’m here at least once a week—every Wednesday for sure. A lot of […]

Jason Jurzak Hits the Spot at Nine Roses Cafe

What do you eat at Nine Roses Cafe? I order [over the phone] all the time and say, “Can I have all broccoli?” And the lady on the phone goes, […]

Key LaBeaud hits the spot at Melba’s

How often do you come? With my band, the Key Sound, Melba’s has always been one of these places I come back to. Open 24 hours, of course it’s a […]

King James [Jimmy Horn] hits the Spot at Frady’s

How did you pick this place? I know people who’ve been coming here from the Westbank for plate lunches for 30 years. ‘Don’t they have plate lunches on the Westbank?’ […]

Beth Patterson hits the spot at Ikura Hibachi & Sushi

Is there any sushi you won’t eat? Lately, on principle, I’ve stopped eating octopus because they’re so intelligent and I love the animal so much. Also, it’s a symbol of […]

Martin Krusche Hits the Spot

What are you eating? I always get the Pho Tai, with the thinly sliced raw beef that’s just dropped in the hot soup. You can get big or small—small is […]

Meschiya Lake hits the Spot

What are your favorites here? Definitely the Craw Rangoons [with crawfish, cream cheese and spicy honey], and the Pork Belly Buns. They’re big bao buns—I love saying that—like tiny, soft […]

Lawrence Cotton hits the Spot

What are you having? My favorite. Meatballs and spaghetti.   On a po-boy?! No, I’m getting a plate! Wednesdays at Guy’s is meatballs and spaghetti.   I know you just […]

Marc Paradis hits the Spot at The Ruby Slipper

Are you a regular here? I’ve been here lots of times; I live just down the road. I love the food and they make great coffee. This is a good […]