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Issue Articles — The Spot

Charlie Halloran Hits the Spot

Nice shirt. I’ve always been into Caribbean stuff. I like the music, the food and the drinks, too.   I’ve heard you’re so much into tiki bars, you have one […]

Andrew Wiseman Hits The Spot

What did you order today? A vegetarian quesadilla with cheese and vegetables, and rice and beans on the side. It was so nice. What do you like about Casa Borrega? […]

Alexandra Scott Hits the Spot

When did you first come here? Not long ago, to get a sandwich and it was a great sandwich [beet flatbread with sunflower seed puree]. I’m a connoisseur of good […]

Leroy Jones & Katja Toivola Hit The Spot

How did you find Café Dauphine? Partly because Freddie Lonzo lives around the corner. And it’s such a nice space! Classy, yet casual.   What will you be ordering, Katja? […]

Trixie Minx Hits the Spot at Curious Oyster Co.

In my musicians’ cookbook, The Gravy, your recipe was actually a cocktail. Let me tell you, friends and I started a lunch club. And the only rule was that you […]

Bruce Sunpie Barnes hits the Spot

Is this your first time at High Hat, or are you a regular? I’ve been here before. I’ve had the catfish, the roast pork, the burger, and that roasted chicken […]

Eric Rogers Hits the Spot at Wasabi on Frenchmen

Why are we here? I wanted to try this location. I live in Lakeview and go to the Wasabi that’s out there all the time. It’s the exact same menu, […]

Debbie Davis Hits the Spot

What is that? I don’t have a name for this, it’s the roast beef sandwich I used to get growing up in the Northeast where there are Jewish and Italian […]

The Spot: Josh Paxton at Elizabeth’s

Why Elizabeth’s? I realize this is heresy for someone in New Orleans, but six days out of the week I eat turkey sandwiches and Weight Watchers frozen dinners. But this […]

The Spot: Jon Gross at Carmo

Why Carmo? I like drinking coconut water straight out of a coconut, and the flavors here seem representative of what New Orleans is representative of—lots of regions and cultures—Caribbean flavors. […]