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Ashlin Parker hits the Spot at Parkway Bakery

What did you order today? I ordered a hamburger po-boy, but I’m regretting not ordering the roast beef.   What do you like about Parkway? Parkway has the best po-boys, […]

Tarriona “Tank” Ball hits the Spot at Zea

What makes Zea one of your favorite places? They have really good grits. I grew up on white farina grits, which are really soft grits, like baby grits or something. […]

Josh Cohen of Morning 40 Federation Hits the Spot

Why Bao & Noodle? Because it’s new. The first time I came I had the shrimp with the flat, square noodles, not much bigger than postage stamps. The portions are […]

PH Fred Hits the Spot at Milkfish

What did you order today? Spam Fried Rice with a fried egg on top.   Are you a regular Spam eater? I first ate spam here at Milkfish. Most people […]

Dick Deluxe Hits the Spot at 13

What did you order? I ordered the Ruben Dog. I have never eaten here before, except for daiquiris, but I play on Frenchmen Street mulitple times a week and I’m […]

The Spot: Annie Gaia at Del Fuego Taqueria

What did you order today? I wanted to order something dashing, something I couldn’t pronounce so I got the Nopales and Camarones Tacos.   Nopales is cactus. Have you had […]

Tom Stevenson Hits the Spot at Wayfare

What do you like about Wayfare? I like the attention to detail and the understated style. They have a fine dining set-up in the kitchen, but out front they’re kind […]

The Spot: Orlando Vega at Willie Mae’s Scotch House

What did you order today? I ordered the America’s Best Fried Chicken Plate, three pieces of incredible fried chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese.   Do you come […]

Travers Geoffray of Mississippi Rail Company Hits the Spot at Cochon Butcher

What do you like about Cochon Butcher? I love this place because of the meat, being completely surrounded by meat. It’s pretty much all music and meat for me!   […]

Rotary Downs Drummer Zack Smith Hits the Spot at Canal Street Bistro

Why do you like Canal St. Bistro? I like this spot because of its consistent creative menu and great fresh-squeezed juice combos. They have great breakfast and lunch choices, and […]