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Issue Articles — The Spot

Micah McKee Hits the Spot at Parasol’s

Parasol’s Restaurant 2533 Constance St. (504) 899-2054 How often do you come to Parasols? Whenever I get the chance. I used to live two blocks over, so I would come […]

“Uncle” Lionel Batiste Hits the Spot at The Praline Connection

The Praline Connection 542 Frenchmen St. (504) 943-3934 What do you eat here? The fried chicken livers. Me being a Creole, I use my fingers. Make the fingers taste better. […]

Theresa Andersson Hits the Spot at Cure

Cure Cocktail Bar 4905 Freret St. (504) 302-2357 When do you usually come to Cure? I usually come with friends for a small meal and drinks after a late show. […]

Chip Wilson Hits the Spot at Elizabeth’s Restaurant

Elizabeth’s Restaurant 601 Gallier St. (504) 944-9272 How did you first come across Elizabeth’s? I live a few blocks down at the Musicians’ Village and I went out looking for […]

Anders Osborne Hits the Spot at Lebanon’s Cafe

Lebanon’s Café 1500 N Carrollton St. (504) 862-6200 What are you in the mood for? The gyro plate! I’m starving, and it’s a full plate. How often do they see […]

Shaye Cohn Hits the Spot at Mona’s Cafe and Deli

Mona’s Café and Deli 504 Frenchmen St. (504) 949-4115   Why do you come here? I’m on Frenchmen Street so much. I’m either playing at the Spotted Cat or at […]

Rik Slave Hits the Spot at Herbsaint

Herbsaint 701 St. Charles Ave. (504) 524-4114 Didn’t you use to work here? I did. In January, I went over to Cochon Butcher and became the shop manager over there. […]

Mark Braud Hits the Spot at Dooky Chase’s

Dooky Chase 2301 Orleans Ave (504) 821-0600 Why Dooky Chase? I remember the first time I came here. I was in my early teens and came with my parents. My […]

June Yamagishi Hits the Spot at Mojo Coffee House

Mojo Coffeehouse 1500 Magazine St (504) 525-2244   Why Mojo? You know, I was playing with Henry Butler every Tuesday at Tipitina’s in the French Quarter and somebody asked for […]

Ray Moore Hits the Spot at Pho Orchid

Pho Orchid 3117 Houma Blvd (504) 457-4188   Why Pho Orchid? I stumbled on it by accident. It’s tucked away, but that’s the unique thing about it: There’s something here […]