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Charlie Lee Sims, 1935-2017

When the jazz classic “On Green Dolphin Street” emanated from Donna’s Bar & Grill, you could bet that trumpeter Leroy Jones was blowing on stage. Charlie Sims, the beloved chef […]

Ann Wilson talks back

In the 1970s, hard rock music was a boys’ club. Girls weren’t supposed to rock. But Ann and Nancy Wilson, two talented, determined sisters from Seattle, smashed the stereotype. The […]

Dining Out: Poke Loa

For most New Orleanians, the thought of Lenten “sacrifice” conjures delicious images of boiled crawfish, fried oyster po-boys and jumbo lump crabmeat. The tenets of Catholicism aside, those of us […]

In the Spirit: Rachel Theriot at Petit Lion at the Troubadour Hotel

“I’ve worked in the service industry for over a decade now. I started in my hometown of Baton Rouge, and worked in a French bistro and fondue restaurant for a […]

Super Sunday: Injuns Here Dey Come… Again

The New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian Council is perhaps best recognized by the general population for presenting its spectacular Indian Super Sunday parade. It’s held annually Uptown on the third […]

Our Music: Elysian Feel

“We met in our freshman year at Loyola—started jamming in the dorms. We’re seniors now so that’s been going on for four years. [Fellow Loyola students] Naughty Professor and Johnny […]

House of Bourbon

The Royal House of Bourbon originated in 1268 when the heiress of the lordship of Bourbon married French King Louis IX’s younger son. The name for the spirit made in […]

Top Taco Festival

The Top Taco festival started in Denver four years ago and quickly became one of the largest food festivals in Colorado. The New Orleans version, which premieres on March 23, […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with trumpeter and vocalist Wendell Brunious

First off, who’s in the band and do you change your repertoire for this gig? Tom Hook on piano, Richard Moten on the bass, Gerald French on drums and Roderick […]

Sing It!: Musicians rally for a series of David Egan tribute concerts

There was never any doubt that the musical legacy of singer-songwriter/pianist David Egan would live on. Now approximately a year after losing a hard fought battle against cancer on March […]