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The Bacon Brothers [Kevin and Michael Bacon] talk back

Actor Kevin Bacon and his film-scoring brother, Michael, formed the Bacon Brothers band in 1995. Despite their busy separate careers, they keep their Americana, rock, country, singer-songwriter band going. The […]

Dining Out: Turkey and the Wolf

While the foundation and the awards that bear his name connote images of food snobbery, James Beard, according to a recent documentary film, savored the simple pleasures of peanut butter […]

Erica Falls hits the Spot at Mona’s Cafe

What are you having? The grilled chicken salad; I love it! I normally get this and the hummus with the pita. And you prefer the chicken kebab over the chicken […]

In the Spirit: Ashleigh Ruedinger at DTB

“I just moved here from Florida three months ago. Worked as a beverage director and bar manager down at a little place in Delray Beach called Max’s Harvest. Delray is about […]

From Pies to Dishes: Mimi Assad is the new executive chef at Bar Frances

Rising through New Orleans’ restaurant ranks, Mimi Assad first came on OffBeat’s radar as the gifted baker behind the yummy pies at the recently shuttered Noodle & Pie on Magazine […]

The Bywater: Restaurant Paradise or Food Desert?

The St. Roch Market is my go-to if I’m meeting friends for dinner and drinks. It’s about 15 minutes max from any neighborhood, there’s a parking lot and there’s something […]

A Sound for This Generation: Water Seed’s energetic spirit

There’s a new sound in the air. New Orleans musicians are doing fresh original work, and the rest of the world is paying attention. This recent and necessary renaissance is […]

Whistling Past the Graveyard: The gospel according to Luke Spurr Allen

Luke Spurr Allen has patience. It’s a quality that might be mistaken in a city other than New Orleans for inertia, but in the somnabulant byways of his adopted city, […]

Jazz Fest Redux

“Happy Fest” is a springtime greeting in New Orleans, our own kind of “Aloha.” People say it to start a conversation and again to depart. I heard this greeting a […]

A Tale of Two Kings: The best-selling records during Jazz Fest

Louisiana Music Factory Trombone Shorty: Parking Lot Symphony (Blue Note) Jon Cleary: Live at Chickie Wah Wah (FHQ Records) Preservation Hall Jazz Band: So It Is (Sony Legacy) Anders Osborne: […]