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Dining Out: Big Killer Poboys

Do you ever find yourself walking down Bourbon Street, weaving between construction crews, and pitying the poor souls aimlessly surrendering to the hawker standing in front of the Royal Cajun […]

The Dish: Chef Susan Spicer on Bayona’s Crispy Smoked Quail Salad

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? I would probably say the smoked quail salad. Because I love birds. I like to eat birds, I […]

In the Spirit with Bryson Downham at Toups South

“The artist I made this drink for is Kaye the Beast. He’s a local rapper in the up-and-coming phase, but I’ve seen him a few times around town and he’s […]

FQFIQ: The Vettes

Even in the eclectic New Orleans music scene, the Vettes strike a different chord. Inspired by synthesizer-laden 1980s pop, the Vettes recently released their second full-length album, Gold Star. The […]

FQFIQ: Jamal Batiste Band

Like many musicians in New Orleans, Jamal Batiste comes from a musical family. Musicians in the Batiste clan include his father, David, a music teacher and leader of the Gladiators; […]

FQFIQ: George And Gerald French

Two generations of great New Orleans musicians fill two-thirds of the George French Trio. And depending on the gig, drummer Gerald French and his father, bassist George French, may call […]

FQF IQ: Bon Bon Vivant

Singer-songwriter Abigail Cosio and her future husband, saxophonist Jeremy Kelley, moved to New Orleans a decade ago from Los Angeles. In 2013, they formed their gypsy-jazz band, Bon Bon Vivant. […]

Walter “Wolfman” Washington talks back

“It was definitely different—I’ve never done nothin’ like that before,” declares Walter “Wolfman” Washington in regards to his new album, My Future Is My Past. Folks who know Washington as […]

Renaissance Beats and Ritual Bars: Cavalier is out in the open

In its own singular way, Private Stock, the third album by Cavalier, sounds like the past and future meeting right now—a fever dream with a political seam. Soulful blunted out […]

From Underdog to Lone Wolf at Large: Alfred Banks at the forefront

Everyone loves an underdog. In hip-hop, especially, dark horse status is synonymous with credibility. It’s no surprise, then, that local rapper Alfred Banks has made it his personal brand. “Underdog […]