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MY MUSIC: Glen Hall

James Andrews, Troy and Glen David Andrews are first cousins with my mom so I grew up around music. Glen David gave me my first horn when I was six; […]

Charlie Wooton joins Blue Monday Mission

Blue Monday Mission, operating in Lafayette for three years, helps aging, retired and elderly musicians. A division of the nonprofit Love of People, the organization plans to expand to New […]

Mojo Mouth: An Opportunity…and a Warning

Recently, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation was absorbed by the city’s convention and visitors’ bureau, New Orleans & Co. Last year, NOTMC received about $15.7 million in funding that […]

Michael Doucet with Sarah Quintana pursues a new direction with Lâcher Prise

It happened on Mardi Gras Day 2018. That’s when Michael Doucet, singer and fiddler in the Grammy-winning Cajun band BeauSoleil, met New Orleans singer-guitarist Sarah Quintana. Living in the French […]

Letters to the Editor: OffBeat Magazine, February 2020

Jerry Jumonville Jerry [Jumonville] and I met and gigged in the late ’50s. I went to New Orleans around 2001 or so; Jerry, Eddie Hynes, and I got together like […]

Five Questions with Kermit Ruffins on His New 9th Ward Juke Joint

Some people have expressed concern that because you’ve opened Kermit’s 9th Ward Juke Joint you might be giving up the Mother-In-Law. Are you keeping both clubs and if so, why […]

In Memoriam: Robert Parker (1930-2020)

Bandleader, sideman, artist and composer Robert Parker died at his Roseland, Louisiana home on January 19 from natural causes. He was 89. Best known for the infectious, international hit “Barefootin’,” […]

Dining Out: Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria

Everyone has a handful of go-to restaurants they count on for consistently delicious dining experiences. Felipe’s makes the cut for most every food lover I know. Why? Because Felipe’s delivers […]

Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph talks back

As eclectic as the New Orleans music scene is, it’s still hard to imagine an artist having a more diverse career than Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph, who, at the age of […]

Supreme Green Fairy: Tank and the Bangas reign over Krewe Bohème

Tarriona “Tank” Ball made a list of the great things Tank and the Bangas experienced in 2019. It’s a long list: a Grammy Award nomination for best new artist; performing […]