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Tony Joe White talks back

Growing up in north Louisiana’s West Carroll Parish, Tony Joe White picked cotton on his dad’s farm and pokeweed in the woods and fields. When he wasn’t working or going […]

Café Abyssinia

It’s common knowledge that anything marked with a neon highlighter deserves attention, and this is true for the low-slung building just off Magazine Street (a literal gravel throw behind Imperial […]

Chef Levi Raines on Bywater American Bistro’s Brisket Sandwich

Chef Levi Raines on Bywater American Bistro’s Brisket Sandwich   Which of your dishes says the most about you? “I just love sandwiches. I know it might be a stigma […]

Scott Hicks at 21st Amendment

“I came here from Miami. I’m a Florida boy, born in New York, lived all over Florida. I’ve been in hospitality for almost 20 years now. Started working at Subway […]

Ashlin Parker brings in more and more (and more) trumpet players to join his Trumpet Mafia

“So we’re messing around with my worst nightmare—and that’s re-harmonizing trad tunes.” Ashlin Parker smiles, his demeanor as bright as the red and yellow paint-spatter design on his t-shirt. He’s […]

Through the Generations: Wendell Brunious and the “Brunious sound”

Trumpeter and vocalist Wendell Brunious boasts a towering musical family tree primarily flowered with trumpets. He is the son of trumpet master John “Picket” (or “Picky”) Brunious Sr. and Nazimova […]

Living the Tradition: Mark Braud’s musical family

“It’s all New Orleans and it is all a part of me,” says Mark Braud of the music heard on his latest release, Living the Tradition. The trumpeter, vocalist and […]

300 Songs for 300 Years: An Armstrong Top 10

Louis Armstrong is the only artist in our 300 Songs countdown to get 10 songs to himself (five songs below and the other five online)—the least we can do for […]

In Memoriam: Henry Butler (September 21, 1948 – July 2, 2018)

Henry Butler once described himself as “a work in progress,” as his aim was to continually challenge himself and the status quo. The brilliant pianist, vocalist and composer accomplished that […]