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Woodenhead Plans New Recording

For the majority of rock bands, the prospect of recording an album’s worth of new material at a live show would be a bit terrifying. For the instrumental prog-fusion band […]

Serving the Servers: Restaurant Saba’s Suzi Darré Takes Care of the People in the Kitchen and on the Floor

Before joining the team at Pomegranate Hospitality as Director of People & Culture, Suzi Darré oversaw human resources departments at several high profile hotels. OffBeat checked in with her on her new […]

The Posies Talk Back

Amidst the Seattle grunge-rock surge of the late 1980s and early ’90s, the Posies struck their own idiosyncratic path. In 1988, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, two indie-pop prodigies from […]

Chef Frank Brigtsen on Brigtsen’s Blackened Yellowfin Tuna

Which of your dishes says the most about you?   Although we’re known for many things, the dish I have to choose is our blackened tuna with smoked corn sauce, […]

Maggie Morgan at Manolito

“I picked Jarboe, a musician who’d sing with Swans and Neurosis in the ’80s, but also does a lot of experimental rock and has released like 11 albums, still under […]

Chef Alon Shaya just might be building an empire based on treating people right

When Chef Alon Shaya was fired from his namesake restaurant Shaya last fall by the Besh Restaurant Group, now renamed BRG Hospitality, it was only a few weeks before news […]

Sneaux Flow: Slangston Hughes’ guide to sno-balls

New Orleans native Slangston Hughes might be best known as a hip-hop MC, but he also happens to be a sno-ball expert. These are his musings. Follow him on Instragam: […]

Ripe and Ready: Recipes for Creole tomato season

Few things are as satisfying in the New Orleans summer as sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe Creole tomato. Of course they’re good cooked as well, but it’s hard […]

Jazz Fest Redux 2018: the best (and occasionally worst) moments

“Where are you going with that smile on your face?” “I’m going to the international circus of Jazz Fest, where I will hear all the possible permutations of the spirit of […]

Femaissance’s Activist Art: granny panties and glitter-covered silicone chicken legs

“Community can exist in a capitalist structure when there’s small business,” says Maddy Rose, co-founder and curator of Femaissance, the all-female art movement. “So frequently, ‘capitalism’ suggests absolute selfishness, the […]