Alex McMurray Hits the Spot at Daniel’s

Alex McMurray at Daniel's on the Bayou New Orleans

Photo by Elsa Hahne

Daniel’s on the Bayou
3443 Esplanade Ave.
(504) 940-5939


How did you find Daniel’s?
My friend Jeff Treffinger came in here on a whim and told me I had to make a point to go here since it’s in the weirdest location, so I did, and was just blown away.

Where are we?
We’re basically in the Esplanade, the apartment building–I always thought it was an old folks home–but behind it, by the parking lot, behind the security gate. The fence does a lot to keep people out.

What do you order here?
I always get the calamari appetizer because it’s so tender, and usually some pasta. Pork shoulder’s great, with a Latin vibe. It’s sort of a Latin Italian place. What I love about Daniel’s is that nobody knows about it, so I can always get a table. We’re not obsessed with it, we’re not John the Baptists about it, but we try to bring people here; friends. Joe of the Iguanas met me here for a super fabulous meal and we were like the smartest people in the world just because we know about this restaurant.