• Paulmdl691

    Hi Brain , I like you and your music , you have created beautiful harmonies .  I can only believe you have a good heart.   But let me tell you there is a God, his name is Jesus, I wish I could tell you that its easy for a rich man to enter heaven with Jesus being number one in his life, but im afraid to have Jesus means to be willing to give this life up to find him.  If you excepted Jesus today as your Lord and savior that would mean you would need to give your life over to him and let him do what he wants with it.  I dont enjoy telling you this Brian, but it goes for me to, If I dont trust Jesus with my life I to will not enter heaven even thuogh I claim to represent him as Lord.   I hope you get this message Brain, God gave you a wonderful gift that has given you fame and fortune, im not saying people go to hell who have fame and fortune, but to have lots of money only means you dont need to trust Jesus for your needs in life,  A person rich person who has lots of money would need to trust Jesus with it and not depend on it for his needs in life.  Trust Jesus with your life not money.,,,,,,,,,,,God bless

  • Gohi

    His name is BRIAN, you putz. And no, you’re not gonna get this cultic message to him by commenting on an interview from 8 years ago. Sorry.