• franco

    Many years ago I was sitting at the oyster bar of Felix’s when a patron to my left asked the shucker what the largest number of oysters he had ever seen someone consume at one time. The shucker lethargically replied, ‘I don’t know..around seven or eight dozen.’ I was impressed. An oyster lover since my first (raw) at age 5, I relayed how the most I could ‘stomach’ was 4 1/2 dozen. ‘That’s nothing’, said the visitor from L.A., ‘I once won a bet by eating 14 dozen.’ As I began to question the validity of his bravado, the shucker, without saying a word, presented his next oyster; the largest mollusk I’ve ever seen (easily a 9″ diameter). ‘Mr. Oyster’ paid his tab, got off his stool and headed for the door without finishing the ‘dozen’ he ordered. I love New Orleans!!!

  • This is an absolutely wonderful New Orleans story!