• ha ha

    You go John! Sounds like Yoko Boner can’t take the heat of truth.

  • ha ha

    Yoko Trombono

    • CR

      YOKO TROMBONO!!!! haaaaahahahahahahahahaahaha

  • cacksacker

    Don’t fuck with Swenson. He knows what’s happening.

    And it is telling that she refers to him in this conversation (or really, a harangue) as Dr. John, not Mac.

  • bill thompson

    it was the same show as fest and no new members either. I was there- she probably thought he was keith spera

    • John Swenson

      I beg to differ. Not sure what your reasons are for insisting the musicians were the same but that was clearly not the case unless the drummer from Jazz Fest had a melatonin transplant before Montreal. The band was different, and the band played better in Montreal.

      • bill

        Reggie Jackson was the drummer at Jazzfest and also at Montreal show. Same bassist, (Dwight Bailey) and guitarist as well.

  • John Swenson

    Tried to type melanin and spellcheck made a fascinating change. “food for thought”

  • Harry Henderson

    I do not understand what makes her want to give off that impression of herself to a journalist. Cooth, class, poise– she certainly is lacking. She needs to remember she is representing Dr. John first and foremost. I for sure, certainly am embarrassed to have worked with her.

    I don’t know why all of the denial in this whole situation, either. Quite odd to me.

    • Laura McNamara Doll

      Sounds like a chemical imbalance!

  • soul stu

    yoko trombono! Hilarious. Swenson, I’ve always admired your writing and I feel that you always give a fair take on the music. Bring Back the Lower 911!

  • Billy Polcha

    Dr John’s 2013 Jazz Fest set was awful! This new band leader reminds me of Maceo Parker’s band leader but what works for Maceo failed for Dr John.

  • Billy Polcha

    What an embarrassment Sarah Morrow is, I now refuse to pay money to see Dr John.

  • Some One who was there

    I just became aware of this mini-brouhaha recently.

    And I must say that I’m thoughly unsurprised. Sarah tried to pull her backstabbing bullsh!t on Ray’s band, where she played THIRD Trombone – not lead, but THIRD.

    She now claims to have been his “featured jazz soloist”. what a disgrace.

    Ps – go to her website and listen to the background music of the opening page (her arrangement of Dizzy’s “A Night In Tunisia”. It’s atrocious.

    • janramsey

      I don’t have anything personal against Ms. Morrow, but oooooh….she really should take that down from her website.

  • timmy d

    Bottom line… The new band sucks and sucks hard. Rep 504 not some whack players from ohio

  • Dylan James Stansbury

    i have video to prove the jazz fest gig. they are trying but they still don’t get it yet. i guess my video’s
    will be attacked next