• Allen Winkler

    Best fishes and regards Eddie……..-allen winkler (heauxbeaux)

  • Alexadolf27

    Great article. Still would enjoy one more reunion tour as the Radiators. However if Ed is happy than and therefore I am happy for him. Radiate88

  • Saltybob

    see you in that great gig in the sky

  • Stellawine

    As one Fishhead who was there from start to finish, I couldn’t be happier with all of the post-Rads projectz that the Boyz have gotten themselves into…esp. Zeke, to see him in a happy place once again…Cheers to all!

  • You can’t go home again … in a good way  or a bad way.

  • Blueschipper

    Can never be the way it was, never realized what a grind. Glad you’re smilin’ and writin’, Ed, home for a good long time. Been with ya since The Raps, love your music.

    “Chainsaw” Chip

  • Anonymous

    Zeke – the leader of the greatest rock n roll band ever.