• kmsoap

    This is what happens when both local papers are owned by out of town interests.

  • CJK5H

    It isn’t a lack of interest as much as it is the collapse of the newspaper’s business model. The internet has destroyed physical newspapers and made it more difficult for magazines, too. I am guessing, Jan, that nobody here needs to tell you how difficult it is to make any money in newspapers and magazines right now. I am also guessing that your success is due to a stripped down business model and a lot of hard work.

    Imagine what it is like for a newspaper to try and sustain its old, clunky business model when nobody’s buying and nobody’s advertising.

    Ultimately, I’m happy we have Offbeat, Where Y’at and Gambit to read. We (music fans and musicians) have it a lot better in NOLA than in most other cities.