• Peter Gerler

    Dear Hank–Great piece, and I love your style. Don’t know if I’ve read someone so close to Balliett in quite a while. I also just read your lovely 2010 piece on Bunk. His mythology makes me think of the great line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”  All best, Peter Gerler, Newton, MA. pgerler@verizon.net

  • CB

    Hmmm, I could have sworn his CA band was called “The Original Creole Orchestra”, and NOT what you wrote. In fact, I recently viewed a video where they showed a picture of he and his band with that exact name written on the bass drum. When it comes to history, exactness is needed IMO.

  • Cacksacker

    lackadaisical astronomy of sound – what a great phrase!

    And how do you know that Keppard was influenced by Bolden?  Did he say so?

  • CB,
    When we checked out the name we saw references to both The Original Creole Orchestra and The Original Creole Band. Most likely is that Keppard used both names interchangeably, and so we left Hank’s original words as they were.

  • He replaced Bolden in the Eagle Band, taken over by Frank Dusen after Bolden left. And that band played in Bolden’s style. To quote Bruce Boyd Raeburn, from his excellent book, New Orleans Style and the writing of Jazz History, “Bolden’s influence on young New Orleans musicians was implicit in much of (jazz historian William) Russell’s commentary. Freddie Keppard (1890-1933), for example switched from violin (“alley fiddle”) to cornet to achieve more power, a Bolden trademark.”

    hope that helps. Samuel Charters also wrote of Bolden’s influence on Keppard, after interviewing the musicians around and playing at the time of both men.