• Kevin Reese

    Caesar was my great grandfather’s brother. He was known as a raconteur et chanteur ( story teller and singer). My great grandfather died in 1965 and we drifted apart as families do. Then because of a shared interest in genealogy cousins started finding each other and in some instances we knew each other but didn’t realize we were all part of the Vincent family last year and this year. Anytime we got together Nonc Caesar was always a topic of discussion and right before several older family members passed away they were able to tell us more about Nonc Caesar. Then I ran into Barry Ancelet and asked him if he would like to know more about Caesar and Barry met with family and then discovered his recordings and off he went and did what he does better than anyone else ! Our family is so appreciative of his efforts and the efforts of all of the musical talent that will bring this important legacy as an infusion of new very very old French music ! Thank you as well for this wonderful article !