Thanks much for this taste of what I am sure is a FANTASTIC book. Lookin' to buy this baby TODAY!

  • C. Elmore

    The major book stores doesn't have this book in inventory. Where can I, find a copy?

  • Tutone Lyles Naranjo

    Harold Battiste was on my radio show at WWOZ 90.7 FM in New Orleans many many times. He was gracious, solicitous, informative and very caring about the AFO Foundation and talked about some of the early pioneers of modern jazz that is well documented on the AFO label. It has been an honor to know him and I hope we can reconnect one of this days. I am well and living in San Francisco and would love an updated radio interaview.

    • Furgurl

      then why don’t you email harold and set it up,,, thats the name of that tune

      • Furgurl

        yeah ,, before he hits the box… time is getting on

  • Furgurl

    Hi harold,, you recorded alot of songs from alice Kuhns and Jane mcNealy,, what happened to that material ?? were the songs ever on the market?? sally wood furgurl @ lycos.com