• Usiku

    Good article overall. Now for analysis. The word “stunt” seems to indicate something manufactured when it seems it was more a “feat” something incredible and amazing.” A musicologist versus a linguist is not apples and apples.

    If anything, the origin and meaning of these lyrics are greatly slanted the to West Africa because if you can draw aline from Mardi Gras to Haiti then you can draw a line from Haiti to West Africa. The word of caution should be for us to be very careful of using wikipedia as a reference. There are numerous historical and cultural inaccuracies that, in effect, erase any connection between Africa and many present day aspects of civilization.

    Secondly, the translator, Anguah, is to be discounted, if he himself cannot offer any alternative translation.

    The quote about hallucinogens and childhood is on point and priceless! Again, well done. This provides a good basis for further inquiry.

  • CJK5H

    I don’t remember Jerry ever singing “Iko Iko all day.” If the link goes through, here’s a typical version on youtube.

  • Sheila Dawson Cooper

    I don’t think ive ever heard a version of the Dead singing “all day” lyrics either

  • When I sing it I pronounce it Yak-a-lo (jakhalo) that is Romanes/Gypsy for evil eye or cursing. Interesting word/name…