• Violet

    It’s great to see that OffBeat finally recognizes one of New Orleans’ true treasures!

  • Michelle Minyard

    Love this story and thank you OffBeat! Leroy and Katja are some of the best and continue to make NO music the world over.

  • CB

    This is SO long overdue and appropriate for Satchmo Fest!

  • MF

    Some of the greats left New Orleans and some stayed. Thank goodness Leroy stayed. Thanks for featuring him!

  • Bruce Dear

    Its true! Leroy is an essential New Orleans treasure! Long may it be so!

  • janramsey

    Am so glad we finally got to put Leroy on our cover. He is one of the most talented, classy gentleman in the world. Glad you guys approve. Give the man his due!

  • littler richard

    Great cool blue green cover, subject, and article. Mr. Jones is one of the best players ever and 2009’s Sweeter Than a Summer Breeze a masterpiece. Warm, controlled, and sublime!

  • Allison E. B. Chukiert

    Eloquently written and delightfully informative! I love Leroy Jones and Katja Toivola! We never visit New Orleans without making it a point to see them perform. Excellent article about super musicians who are also very nice people.