• Rosie Rosato

    Quite a well deserved salute, nearly tome-like, to a quintessential New Awlinz’ band.

    • Montysano

      Hey Rosie!!!

  • Michael Fisher

    My old friend of 40 plus years, Jay Mazza turned me on to a ‘live tape’ of The Radiators in 1985. We in turn went to the original Lone Star Cafe in New York City and caught 3 amazing sets! Eye opening to say the least, 30 years later, countless shows. A Fish Head then, now, and forever! Thank you!

  • jtflash49

    There will never be another band quite like the Rads. We all have our tales of epic nights, shows that we wished would never end, seeing familiar faces from all over the country, all convening for one reason: to leave the mad world outside and shake it loose with the Radiators. Too Stupid To Stop, indeed!

  • Dennison Wolfe

    why ain’t Reggie on the cover shot?

    • CJK5H

      Guessing the Suspects were playing out of town when the pics were taken…

      • Dennison Wolfe

        Reggie published a reply on social media. He was in Emergency. The pictures should have been annotated. or photoshopped. still a great story.
        the band pictures are weird this way, but then again… this is a weird band.

        • Madness

          Is Reggie OK? He was missed at Firzgeralds (Berwyn, Il) when The Suspects appeared without him last month. Hope to see him with the boys 1/14-16 @ Tipitinas! Love live the Radz – Madness

  • Montysano

    My nights at the Dream Palace with the Radiators are among my most treasured memories of our time in New Orleans. I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of great live music in my 61 years; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better live band.

  • Barry Obama

    I gotta say the thread that is the Rads through Dustwoofie, Roadapple, the Rhapsodizers, Fess, has been the soundtrack of my life since the early seventies. The early shows of the Rads at Luigis..Dream Palace..MOMS out in Jefferson….all of it has made my inner musical life the best. Till the end of my days Red Dress will ring in my ears……Confidential will get my mojo on……….there arent words to express what a great ride I’ve had cause of the Rads….the Malones and all of the folks….thank you baby!.