• Mike Davis

    I think it was ’08 when I was re-reading Dylan’s
    Chronicles for the 3rd time when he talked about OZ I thought “These
    days many radio stations are on the internet. I wonder..” Viola! Love at first
    sight. Sunday mornings we’d drag the laptop onto the porch. My wife loved
    Hazel. So did I but Dmitri became my hero (despite his recent referring to my
    ilk as “eavesdroppers”. I prefer to think in terms of Dirty Coast’s “Be a New
    Orleanian wherever you are”). We soon became members, eventually Krewe of Roux.
    It was maddening and heartbreaking to read Dmitri’s letter in Offbeat. So I’ll
    be calling shortly to cancel my membership. My low level won’t be missed but it’s
    a principle thing. I’ll re-up the moment a new NATIVE GM is named.