• G E. Guido

    This just seems so elitist. Frenchmen isn’t cool anymore because there are tourists and partiers and people out looking for a good time. It needs more serious music listeners who sit in rapt attention and respond to each song with a polite “golf clap” at the end. Drunk people and people being loud and boisterous and dancing has been a part of seeing music in a club since the first music was played in a place that sold alcohol. Maybe Jan is right with her push for more clubs having cover charges. A good $25 a head cover will keep the unwashed and uncool beyond the velvet rope and make sure only the pure “music lovers” are in attendance. Having said that, were it not for tourists, a city the size of New Orleans would not have a music scene any better than any other medium size city in the country. All those clubs with live music from early in the afternoon until late at night could not be supported by a population this size. Regardless of the pay involved, there would be far fewer opportunities for musicians to play and be heard without the visitors to this city.