• stthomas

    git your servon, git your servon

  • イ.ᖇ.մ. Pacman

    By far the some Hatin’ Ass MF’er, so sad when those who are supposed to Deliver News with integrity, facts and genuine purpose beyond simply being one of the Many, Many, Hatin’ Ass, Do Nut’n, Nobody’s along the Way LMAO!

    What’s Cool ‘bout seeing these Archeological Finds of Haters Past is we now FFW>> to ( 2019 ) when … OMG, Master P is one of the Most Popular, Talked About Personalities in Hip-Hop and obly Always Gangsta Rap Culture and hasn’t seen this much Acclaim since THE 1st TAKEOVER‼️

    This disrespectful Degenerate Scoffed At and Looked Down Upon the Talented and Sadly Now Deceased & Forever Underrated SOULJA SLIM & BIG ED THE ASSASSIN. In the House of Gangsta Rap that isn’t even Permissible by any Means because BOTH are STILL HIGHLY RESPECTED, DEEPLY MISSED & I’d Trade a Million of the Next New Albums from Any of Today’s Artist for just ONE more Track or Let Alone if they had the Recording Remaining Still to put together just one more Album from either of them.

    FORTUNATELY we still have Mr. Serv-On and he isn’t forgotten and buried along with Billboard Charts he’s on a No Limit Reunion Tour. Why? Because he, and a Gang of ‘Bout it MF’s Known as No Limit Soldiers did something so Great that 20 Years Later their Families STILL EAT‼️

    I never put my nose in another Families Shit, and if I have an Opinion such as this Wild One about Master P profiting on Cee’s Prison Sentence and Trial is Grounds for Fans of a REAL ƬƦմ MF’s Like Master P & C-Murder too completely Snuff Out Your Existence…

    Slim Fans would Empty Ya Set Killin’ the Neighbors the Witnesses & even the Pet.

    #RiPBigEdTheAssassin #RiPSouljaSlim #RiPMrMAGiC