• I met Steve Steinberg when I moved from Stamford Connecticut to work for the ABC News Washington bureau in 1983. Steve and I spent many pleasant times together traveling the world. When Steve retired from ABC he started to do freelance works in Africa for the US State Department. I saw Steve in the street one day and he asked me how would I like to go to Eritrea. I immediately accepted. Throughout the years I was blessed to be able to go to 10 different African countries. What a pleasure it was to know Steve. May he rest in peace listening to some great jazz.
    George Murphy
    former Director ABC News

  • Tamara Motrenko

    I had the honour to meet Mr Steinberg as a lecturer to us, once young journalist from RTS, Belgrade, Serbia, many years ago. We heard real, professional and true stories about tv journalism from him. We became friends later, he always had time to help, advise and devote time to all in need. He was rarely good and precious man who helped not only me, but I believe to many others to improve our knowledge and professional life. May he rest in peace. I know, we all loved and respect him so dearly.