• G E. Guido

    I’m saddened that advertisers, especially in this case music clubs, feel that social media is preferable to print advertising. I’ve seen this trend over the past five or eight years in numerous cities. Although one can’t argue with the cost of using social media as your only form of advertising, I wonder what the results are? I like having print advertising in publications at my disposal. I don’t want to have to subscribe to an e-mail list or “friend” on social media every single club in the city. I don’t want daily updates on who is there each night I like being able to pick up a publication and thumb through and look at ads and see who’s at a club over the next week or weeks at a quick glance. I’ll look at ads for places I may not usually go and they may have something that interests me. And I like to see ads for events that may be coming up weeks in the future that I want to have on my radar. And yes, I can scan a printed page with numerous ads and print content faster than I can scroll.

    Additionally, I agree with you that print offers a wider range of news options. While reading print I may read an article I glance at but wouldn’t click on and read if only offered a headline. The browsing aspect is lost. I may be reading an article and my eye wanders over to one on the next page or the bottom of a page and it only takes a matter of seconds to read it.

    Best wishes in the brave new world. And by the way, I like the redesign of the website. It’s one of the nicest on-line versions of a print publication I’ve seen. It’s comprehensive and easy to navigate. So kudos on that!