• NOLADrummerDude

    Yikes! I’m not actually sure this is good news. Though I totally support the New Orleans music scene and am ALL for more venues for musicians and music fans, the once-great Funky Butt totally hit the skids when Shanekah took it over. I have years of memories, fond and otherwise, of the Funky Butt, as I experienced it on many levels: musician, music fan, and even bar employee for a short time. The Funky Butt’s star was fading and the club was in serious decline, in quality and spirit, after the departure of Richard’s old partner at the club, Chris Collins, who guided “The Butt” during its golden era. Chris was the Yang to Richard’s Yin and provided the balance and positive energy to Richard’s “quirky” (a nice way of saying “wildly emotionally and mentally unstable”) brilliance…and Richard WAS brilliant, or had his moments anyway, but he was impossible to work for and I sure didn’t last long as a bar employee, but DID always enjoy playing there. The years, from the perspective of both performer and fan, under the team of Richard and Chris at the Funky Butt were amazing overall, with the club consistently hosting world-class talent, maintaining a very cool vibe, and a haven for the famous and infamous. Then Chris left and the place started losing its magic. Then Richard tired of it and it was basically over, as the once-great Funky Butt became a shadow of its former self when Sam (who we all love) and Shanekah ran it into the ground. We can only hope Shanekah learned some valuable lessons and can come up with a better product…but I also hope she chooses a new and different name, as there is no way that she, or anyone else other than Richard and Chris, could possibly recapture that particular magic and calling her new club anything like “Funky Butt” is kind of an insult to its memory. I do wish Shanekah the best of luck in her new music club venture though!!

    Oh, and I completely agree with Jan Ramsey regarding her statement of “North Rampart Street’s development has been pathetic”! Amen!