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Second Lineage: The season of the street begins

When the second line season ends in June each year, enthusiasts of the city’s social aid and pleasure clubs’ annual anniversary parades often find Sunday afternoons a bit empty. So […]

Serving Us Right: Ashley Roussel left the volleyball court for the kitchen

Growing up in Lafayette placed Ashley Roussel in close proximity to food, farms and sports. Her dad was a quarterback for the Ragin’ Cajuns and “the best cook I knew,” […]

D.L. Menard, 1932-2017

Cajun music lost its most beloved and colorful character, Doris Leon “D.L.” Menard, on Thursday, July 27, 2017, after he succumbed to multiple ailments. The legend was 85. At his […]

Dolores Ferdinand Marsalis, 1937-2017

Dolores Marsalis was a remarkable woman—beautiful, intelligent, determined and funny. She and her husband, pianist/educator Ellis Marsalis Jr., raised six boys—Branford, Wynton, Ellis III, Delfeayo, Mboya and Jason—on the salary […]

The Fried Chicken Festival returns with more space, more vendors and more music

Scoff all you like about the deluge of new festivals popping up all over town these days. Whether it was the general conceptual appeal of a day-long fried chicken celebration […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Actress Aadyn Encalarde

You’re in Girls Trip, one of the hottest summer movies, and TNT’s Claws. How’d you explode on the scene? I’ve acted since I was a baby with my mommy’s projects. […]

A TALE OF TWO TALENTS: Powerhouse DJs come together

“When I got the call, I was thrilled,” Melissa Weber—DJ Soul Sister—says of a recent chat she had with Mannie Fresh. For many across the globe, Mannie Fresh (born Byron […]

Paz Fest: Celebrating Joni Mitchell at the Civic

As one of the city’s legendary production managers, stage managers and soundmen, Michael Paz has had his finger on the pulse of New Orleans’ music scene for decades, but his […]

My Music with Shawn Williams

“Some folks say they like my music because they can tell I don’t really have a filter. That could stem from me not being able to sit there and write […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Kathryn Rose Wood, singer-songwriter and music therapist

How does music apply to psychological healing? Music is a non-confrontational medium to address difficult issues. Conventional talk therapy can be pretty intimidating, [but] you’d be hard pressed to find […]