• Barbara A. Gaetano

    I love this write-up of Alynda Lee Segarra. The album is great . Today when I listened to it the songs came even more alive for me. Hurray for Segarra!

  • I love what Alynda does.. I’ve been listening to all of her songs for almost a year and I think she is quite an influence in what my life has been all this time and for what it will be. I’m so glad I got to read this article, it is great to know some little more things about Hurray and their music… it’s human, I can easily relate and that is something that many musicians lack these days in my opinion. Thank you.

  • Jose Segarra

    Refreshing to see/read/hear of someone reaching for the STARS in the OLD FASHION WAY of hard work like our forefathers did in their covered wagons on their way west. To get respect today is a matter of earning your way through a maze of diluting/filtrating/bio-mechanics that squeeze down/up/through reasons enmeshed in unrealistic criticism. But Alynde Lee Segarra brushes all that aside in a brilliant, life-learned, inner-spring maneuver that could yet reach her to the promised land! I LOVE HER MUSIC/HER SOUL/HER SPIRIT!

  • Ty Park

    Alynda: Now that you found what you were looking for in New Orleans, would you please leave?

    • JazzLunatique

      This city is much better with Alynda being here. What are you contributing, Ty? You should leave. There are trains out of here you can take. The City of New Orleans leaves every day at 7:50 Am and can drop you off in Carbondale Illinois. The Crescent leaves at 7:01 AM and can put you in Lynchburg VA, former home to Jerry Falwell. Be on it and stop wasting our motherfucking time.

  • larry

    as her first sound and lighting man ( she was 4 or 5 ) I couldn’t be more proud of her…she followed her dream…that took guts and faith in herself…writers must write and singers must sing…it’s not a choice… it’s a destiny she still took 10 years off my life when she ran away at 17…but what the hell… even George Clooney is prematurely grey

  • angel favorite

    “Amelia”: Amelia Mayrna Jackie

  • a.etirovaf

    “Amelia”: Amelia Maryna Jackie